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Tight Hip Flexor Muscles may be Causing Your Low Back Pain

Having low back pain? Often times, lower back pain can be caused by overly tight hip flexor muscles. Stretching out the hip flexor muscles may alleviate your lower back pain.


The major hip flexor muscle, the psoas is attached to the five lowest vertebrae of the spine and the opposing muscles to your low back muscles. Due to their structure and function, these muscles can have an effect on the low back or hip by putting excessive strain on your low back muscles which increases pressure on your low back vertebrae. Exertive activities or biking can shorten or tighten the hip flexor muscles which then pull on the vertebrae, creating a sensation of tightness in the low back. Prolonged sitting can keep the hip in a flexed or shortened position and over time the hip flexors weaken and loser their flexibility which will eventually cause low back pain or hip pain.

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