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High-Impact Exercises Improve Bone Health

RunnersAccording to the research of Dr. Jon Tobias, a professor of rheumatology at the University of Bristol, U.K., on the effects of high-impact exercise on bone mineral density, studies indicate that high impact exercises such as sprinting, hopping or jumping four times a week is the most effective way to improve bone health and add density.

The individuals in this research were women ages 25-50 and the study concluded that individuals who did high impact exercises increased the density in their hip bones, but interestingly individuals who did high impact exercises and also lifted weights improved the density of their spine. Weight training on its own was not as effective for bone density.

If you need to moderate your activities to reduce the degree of stress to the spine and joints, brisk walking or pool therapy exercises may be as sufficient. Exercising that increases flexibility, builds strength and provides low impact aerobic conditioning will deliver substantial benefits. Just do it!

Seek the advice of your medical practitioner before assuming a high-impact exercising program.

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