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Caution is Imperative

The Affordable Care Act President Obama drafted has now been put into law. It was voted upon by the citizens of the United States and passed. It was then taken to the Supreme Court and upheld.

The ACA, also known as Obama Care will significantly affect the ability for spine surgeons to provide care to patients who need tests or procedures.

Medicare and the insurance companies are already doing that to a certain extent, therefore caution is imperative.

In the past five or ten years, we’ve already seen a challenging approach to get authorization from insurance companies and now in 2013, in Florida, the Medicare provider has drafted what is called “Limited Coverage Determination”.

The LCD is very important for spine surgeons and patients because we are now faced with a set of guidelines that have to be met before we can provide the appropriate surgical management to patients that have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis or lumbar spondylolisthesis.

We have to deal with those guidelines and follow the rules to provide access for our patients. It is the law and we live by the law of the land.

My dad was Chief of Police, I served in the Military and I have a kid in the Marines.

We are law abiding citizens, but caution is imperative if you’re a patient, right now in the United States.

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