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Gov. Bullock is running for health, healthcare and the presidency

The big, blue sky of Montana appeared to go on forever. Dozens of rocky, pointed peaks jutting from scores of densely wooded mountains rimmed Helena, Montana. Just outside of town, I saw a pronghorn antelope with its white, tan, brown and black colored fur grazing comfortably within a stone’s throw from the highway. Mule-deer were bountiful, and a bald-eagle flew overhead like something out of a National Geographic scene. Helena is bordered by the Missouri River, Helena National Forest, Helena-Lewis and Clark National Forest and Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, all within an easy drive for the rugged outdoor enthusiast, or the casual observer of some of the best views in all of America. Read More

Unmasking mental illness and addiction in a post-pandemic world

As the COVID-19 positivity rates are again surging, so too are the under-acknowledged rates of mental illness, thoughts of suicide, and drug and alcohol misuse across the United States. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak, an estimated 1 in 5 Americans struggled with mental health issues, which have only been exacerbated by the pandemic. COVID-19 and its aftermath continue to disproportionately affect vulnerable segments of the population, from Native Americans, Blacks, and Hispanics to the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. While mental illness, substance misuse, addiction, and overdose are particularly tough on teens and young adults, no segments of the population are spared. Read More

Senator Kamala Harris on Health, Healthcare and Family

MSNBC, Morning Joe

 “I’m Kamala Harris. I’m running for President of the United States. I fully intend to win this election, I really do. We believe in an America where women will always have access to reproductive health.” These words and many more from Kamala Harris, the United States Senator from California, greeted the medical journalism team from MSNBC, Morning Joe on this past Independence Day. By the time I left Iowa a day later, I was convinced Kamala Harris has all the traits of a superb leader as well as a kind and caring person. I knew that if she had chosen medical school rather than law school she would have been a safe, quality and compassionate physician. Read More

Sen. Booker leads by example for health in U.S.

Imagine a future in the United States in which the opportunity to receive health care exists for all people. Then think of that same country in which social justice exists for each person and each community. We hopped the river to Newark, New Jersey and learned that Senator Cory Booker already has those aspirations.

Watch: How Cory Booker stays healthy on the trail

The year 2019 has brought plenty of health challenges to the United States. The largest number of people in twenty-five years have been infected by the measles virus. Gun violence continues unabated. Obesity with its associated risks for heart disease, stroke, diabetes and dementia is an epidemic. Opioid overdose, tobacco deaths, alcohol-related car crashes, e-cigarette, or vaping, product use associated lung injury (EVALI), it can be asked where is it all going to stop? And what are the solutions to advance health and healthcare opportunities for millions in the United States who struggle to pay rent and buy food while purchasing necessary medicines for chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure?  What measures will rein-in the high cost of health insurance premiums, co-pays, deductibles, prescription medications, medically-necessary tests, surgery and hospitalizations? How can surprise, eye-popping medical bills, even for those with health insurance be a relic of the past? What are pathways to universal healthcare in the United States that will have bipartisan support and the support of most Americans? Read More

The Mayor Pete I know on health and healthcare

I first met Mayor Pete on a recent evening in Manchester, New Hampshire. The thirty-seven-year old Mayor of South Bend, Indiana is a Harvard-educated Rhodes Scholar. He is the first major openly gay candidate for president, as well as the first millennial with a real chance to win. A deeply religious person, we talked life, family, service, policy, his health and the future of health care in America.

Watch: Dr. Dave Campbell talks with Mayor Pete in Manchester, NH

     It is more important than ever that a presidential candidate’s mental and physical health be known to the American people. Each person’s vote for president can be made with more passion and more practical knowledge by investigating the candidate’s health and the health of their family. All of us make decisions based on our experience, education, principles and integrity. In this voting cycle many of the Democratic candidates have already released years of income tax returns. My goal for the American people is to have the candidates be equally transparent in their disclosure of personal health information. The full-release of comprehensive medical records on all candidates, and interpretation by physicians, is vital before voters cast their ballots. It doesn’t need to be like pulling teeth. Read More

Once-A-Year Winter Treks Take Preparation

Many Floridians will trek to snow country during the winter months to participate in active winter sports. Whether you charge down a mountain while strapped to a pair of skis or sled down a slope, you should be cautious of the risks to your spine. To enjoy a successful trip and reduce the risk of injury, preparation is key.

The easiest way to prepare for many winter activities or even a change in the climate weather is to incorporate exercises that promote core strength for flexibility and agility. Read More

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