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Accident Injury Treatment

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Even a minor accident can cause spine and joint damage with painful and lasting effects. The spine supports the majority of your body weight, and the jarring impact or shock of an accident can easily damage the spine and surrounding soft tissue and cause serious injury.

Accident injuries vary from mild sprains and strains, micro-tears of muscle and tendon fibers to serious damage to spinal structures.

Whiplash is a form of soft-tissue injury involving damage to the nerves, tendons and ligaments or muscles and generally affects the upper back, neck and shoulders.

Sudden impacts, however, can also cause injury and pain to the mid- and lower back. Short-term back pain may signal a muscle injury; however, long-term back pain might be caused by spine injury and/or damage to the surrounding soft tissue. Left untreated, these types of injuries can lead to chronic pain, future complications and diminished quality of life.

Whatever the nature of your injury, it is vital that you promptly seek an evaluation of your condition by a qualified spine specialist. Prompt attention and care is essential to maximize recovery.

The spine specialists at David Campbell, MDPA, are experts at treating a broad range of spine injuries and disorders. They can review your symptoms, provide a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of your injury, and discuss with you the best treatment options and courses of care.

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